Addiction Doesn’t Have to Define a Person

Do you or someone you know have a substance use or addiction problem? Asking this question already shows great courage. Often individuals and families affected by substance abuse are in crisis, spiraling out of control. Finding the right help shouldn’t feel overwhelming.

We understand the treatment needs for each person are different. We offer a full range of treatment options including residential, outpatient and intervention.

Each person is evaluated medically and psychologically upon admission. Our skilled team, working with the individual, develops a specialized plan. We’re here to help people manage their abuse and/or addiction, discover ways to break old habits and learn how to make healthier choices. Our staff admires the courage it takes to seek help, and we’re ready to restore hope and help individuals and families achieve life-long recovery.

Click below for more information or make one simple call to our Triage Center at 1.877.884.3571.

Outpatient Services

This outpatient counseling is for chemically dependent/substance abusing individuals who are in need of treatment but who also have the skills and support to recover without the need of a residential setting.

Substance Use Outpatient Services
Substance Screening, Treatment Recovery (SSTRY)
La Drogadicción en los Adolescentes
Medication-Assisted-Treatment (MAT)
Addressing the Opioid Use Crisis with Enhanced Services

Residential Programs

Our residential programs utilize evidence-based treatment approaches that are designed to help clients learn the necessary skills to function independently in the community while still managing their recovery from addiction.

Milestone Intensive Residential Treatment Program*
New Life Center for Women and Children
Roots to Recovery A Holistic Approach to Substance Use Treatment

*Safety and Security PREA 2020
*Safety Assurance Information – Milestone
*CHR PREA Annual report 1.24.24 with logo

New Directions – A New Substance Use Program in Enfield

In an effort to enhance and expand substance use services in the region, CHR has joined forces with New Directions, a highly regarded addiction treatment provider in Enfield.

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Housing & Support Services

CHR offers a range of housing situations and supportive services to engage, encourage and assist individuals in attaining not only housing but ongoing treatment, employment, education, entitlements and medical services.

  • Oak Street Recovery House
  • Case Management − Eastern Region Service Center (ERSC): This program provides case management services to engage, encourage and assist individuals in attaining treatment, housing, employment, education, entitlements and medical services.

Intervention & Pretrial Programs

These programs are aimed at detoxification and stabilization – helping each individual to safely detoxify and then connecting them to the next level of care; or pretrial diversion programs that when successfully completed can result in dismissal of original charges.

Pathways Opiate Treatment Program
Pre-trial Drug Education Program (PDEP)
Pre-trial Intervention Program  (PTIP)

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Veterans Resource Service

CHR is launching efforts to enhance services for veterans, members of the armed forces and family members who are experiencing mental health and substance use challenges. This effort, known as CT First, is part of a new and far-reaching federally funded initiative to expand mental health, substance use and integrated wellness services in the region. To learn more, click here or download our program flyer,  Veteran Services.

Roots to Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Substance Use Treatment