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If you or someone you love needs support during these difficult times, COACH can help. COACH, which stands for (COVID-19 Assistance for Community Health) offers relief and assistance through support staff. Programs operate within partnering agencies throughout CT. For help and/or information, visit CTStronger/COACH or call 211. For services through CHR, please call our Assessment Center at 1.877.884.3571.


CHR helps individuals experiencing homelessness, primarily those
who have been impacted by social distancing policies resulting in temporary
relocation to a hotel or other facility. Coaches participate in regional
Coordinated Access Networks (CAN) meetings, where individual referrals and
suggested outreach areas can be identified. Staff may work with the following
community resources to help identify homeless / housing unstable individuals
impacted by COVID-19:

  • Coordinated Access Networks (CANs)
  • Homeless shelters and hotels providing temporary housing
  • Soup kitchens, food banks, warming centers, and other locations where homeless individuals congregate

Meet CHR’s COACH team!

COACH – Scope of Services
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