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JANUARY 10, 2017

Senator Chris Murphy appeared at the Griswold Town Hall on January 9th to celebrate the recent passing of his mental health reform legislation and new federal funding to help combat the opioid epidemic that has impacted communities like Griswold throughout the state.  Murphy was joined by a panel of local and state representatives, including CHR’s Miranda Nagle (pictured), a prevention specialist and coordinator for the Griswold PRIDE program. 

“This is an issue that affects everyone regardless of their economic or social status and one that we must come together on if we are going to beat it,” Murphy told the group of close to 50 people who attended today’s meeting.  “We are projected to see more than 800 opioid related deaths in Connecticut next year, which is three times the number of fatal car accidents that are expected in the same amount of time.  Passing this legislation and obtaining $1 billion to fight this epidemic was our biggest priority and we look forward to seeing the positive impacts it will have.”

For more information about the Mental Health Reform Act Click Here.
For more information about Griswold PRIDE Click Here.

“Today’s meeting was a very important step in responding to the opioid crisis,” Nagle said. “Senator Murphy stressed the need for not only more treatment and enforcement, but also prevention services, which often gets passed over. It’s imperative to incorporate prevention into the opioid crisis response, to stop the problem before it starts. I’m hopeful that small strides, like the meeting today will turn into large and lasting effects on combating the opioid epidemic. “


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