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Charged driving under the influence in the State of Connecticut? You may be eligible for a Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program Connecticut or Pre-Trial Intervention Program. These programs offer eligible defendants a chance to receive education or substance use treatment and complete community service hours instead of going to trial. Both programs are offered through CHR.

Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program Connecticut and Pre-Trial Intervention Program are for first-time offenders. Referrals come from the Court Support Services Division (CSSD). The Pre-Trial Intervention Program also receives referrals from the court. Individuals are evaluated for their substance use by a specialist then given recommendations to seek treatment.

Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program Connecticut and the Pre-Trial Intervention Program help promote positive behavioral change. Both programs offered are for Connecticut and out of state residents. These programs are held in CHR’s Enfield, Willimantic and Danielson office locations. For information regarding both programs, please call 1.860.456.3215 or CHR’s Assessment Center at 1.877.884.3571.

pre-trial alcohol education program connecticut

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