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A new video produced by the United Way of CT shows how CHR and other nonprofits are meeting the needs of our communities in the aftermath of the pandemic.

CHR’s portion starts about one minute and 20 seconds into this brief video and shows how 211 connects callers in crisis with CHR’s Mobile Crisis Response Team. Similar to the situation in the video, experienced, trained clinicians on CHR’s Adult and Child Crisis Teams are here for the community 24/7 to help individuals experiencing behavioral health emergencies with resources, support and Real Hope.

Individuals and families can also reach the Crisis Teams by calling the new national Crisis/Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or by calling CHR’s Triage Center at 877-884-3571.

“The Crisis Teams are a critical part of our service system and provide immediate response to individuals in need. We are so proud of their nonstop work throughout the pandemic and beyond,” said Heather Gates, CHR’s President and CEO.

Please share the news about 988 with your family and friends. To reach CHR immediately, please call the Triage Center at 1-877-884-3571.

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