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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month, observed in the United States in May since 1949, is a great opportunity to raise awareness about mental health, fight stigma, and educate the public about the millions of people in the country that are affected by mental illness. According to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, 46 percent of Americans will at some point in their life meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental health condition (Kessler et al., 2005). Particularly since the pandemic in 2020, not only is their a greater need for mental health services, but we are also experiencing a shortage of mental health providers (American Psychological Association, 2022). It is critical, now more than ever, that we spread awareness of this need for mental health services, as well as contact government officials to pass legislation that will help fund these programs.

NAMI’s campaign for the month of May is “More Than Enough!” emphasizing that “No matter what, you are inherently worthy of more than enough life, love and healing. Showing up, just as you are, for yourself and the people around you is more than enough.” This year, the National Council for Mental Wellbeing also stresses important actions that everyone can take, including contacting local elected officials and urging them to address the behavioral health workforce shortage crisis.

If you or someone you know needs support, contact CHR’s Triage Center at 877-884-3571.

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