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Thanks to the kindness and creativity of one woman, something special is on its way for hundreds of children and teens who receive services at CHR, the state’s most comprehensive behavioral healthcare agency.

Super volunteer and longtime supporter of CHR, Heather Johnston, along with a crew of volunteers, recently assembled 500 “comfort kits” for infants, children and teens in need. The kits, each of which is about the size of shoe-box, include things like toys, books, school supplies and personal items such as toiletries. The kits will be distributed throughout CHR, which has outpatient offices in eastern and central Connecticut as well as many home-based programs for children, therapeutic group homes, a therapeutic foster care program, and a residential substance use program for women with infants and toddlers.

For more than 13 years, Johnston has created kits and brought joy to families and children who rely on CHR services. The gifts are always welcomed enthusiastically. “Not only are the gifts useful and meaningful but she also packages each gift artfully and labels them so our staff can easily distribute them to the right age, gender, etc. She makes the process easy for our caregivers, which is deeply appreciated,” said Heather M. Gates, President and CEO of CHR.

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