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CHR, the state’s most comprehensive non-profit behavioral healthcare agency, offers a proven, family-centered therapy to treat youth and teens with substance use problems and to help families grow stronger.

CHR offers Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) in several central and north-central Connecticut towns, in partnership with the state Department of Children and Families. For the convenience of families, MDFT can be offered in the home so youth (ages 9-18) and parents can work together to build and solidify a foundation of change and health.

A comprehensive approach, MDFT therapists work closely with the family, the child, the parent(s), and the extended community. MDFT addresses issues including substance use, delinquency, mental health symptoms, school problems and more.

“Substance use is a big concern for families and MDFT offers a proven, nationally recognized approach to help families work together and restore health and hope,” said Jennifer Nadeau, LCSW, Service Director at CHR who oversees MDFT.

She noted that individual child, individual caregiver, and family sessions are conducted from one to several times per week, depending on need, and treatment typically spans four to six months. For teens and young adults with dangerous opioid use addictions, CHR also offers state-of-the-art care through the ASSERT treatment model.

For more information, call CHR at 1-877-884-3571.

About CHR: CHR is Connecticut’s most comprehensive, non-profit behavioral healthcare agency, offering a broad array of services for adults, children, and families whose lives have been touched by mental illness, substance use, trauma and more. Founded in 1966, CHR has a vibrant outpatient network of services as well as intensive and specialized services to address complicated needs, including residential and community-based programs. Learn more at

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