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SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Access Health CT recently announced that it has selected Community Health Resources (CHR) to participate in the training and certification process for its Assister program for CHR’s Bloomfield, Manchester, Willimantic, Danielson and Putnam locations.  Access Health CT is Connecticut’s official health insurance marketplace whose mission is to increase the number of Connecticut residents who are insured, lower their costs, promote health and eliminate health disparities.  CHR is the leading behavioral health provider in Central and Eastern Connecticut, providing vital mental health and addiction treatment services to over 16,000 children, adults and families this past year alone.

“We are happy to have been selected to participate in the Assister program,” said Jill Benson, Vice President of System Operations at CHR.  “We are pleased to be in this unique role of helping link people with broader healthcare options and resources.  The CHR staff members who will act as Assisters are well qualified and dedicated individuals who will be able to assist our clients in obtaining needed health care insurance.”

The Assister program is a federally-funded grant program established through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Assisters will provide consumers with support enrolling in a variety of health insurance coverage options including subsidized health insurance, Medicaid and HUSKY programs.  In order to receive the Assister certification, candidates must undergo background checks, 34 hours of training and pass a certification exam with a minimum score of 80 percent. The program will help individuals and families make educated decisions about their healthcare coverage and refer them to the right place if they have questions or concerns.

“Assisters provide the education and guidance our residents deserve to help them make the right health plan choices,” said Access Health CT CEO, Kevin Counihan. “We are impressed and delighted with the enthusiasm and commitment of the Assisters to make affordable health insurance a reality in Connecticut.”

There will be approximately 300-part-time Assisters across the state working in community-based organizations. Organizations were selected based on criteria including geographic focus, population demographics, cultural connections to the community it serves and language capabilities.

“Our deep rooted relationships in the community will help us reach those uninsured and underinsured individuals who need access to insurance but don’t know where to start,” Benson said.  “With all the information they can make the best choices possible for themselves and their families.”

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