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 Offers Range of Services to Help Individuals Reach and Maintain Recovery

Nonprofit behavioral healthcare provider Community Health Resources (CHR) is joining a global movement for understanding, compassion, and change by recognizing International Overdose Awareness Day on Aug. 31.

Founded by the Australian Penington Institute, International Overdose Awareness Day seeks to create a better understanding of overdose, reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths, and create change that reduces the devastation associated with drug use.

Global overdose rates have skyrocketed in the last 25 years. In 2020, an estimated 284 million people worldwide had used a drug in the past 12 months, representing a 26% increase from 2010. Across CT, overdose deaths increased at a rate of 8.3% over the last three years and are 67.6% higher than national averages.

“In response to the opioid use epidemic, CHR has expanded services throughout central and northeastern CT and provides convenient, comprehensive care to help people achieve and maintain recovery,” said Heather Gates, CHR’s President and CEO. “We offer state-of-the-art care, as well as support from individuals who in recovery and can model hope and inspiration.”

To reach CHR, call 1-877-884-3571.

About CHR: With a broad range of services for children, families, and adults whose lives have been touched by mental illness, addiction, trauma, and homelessness, CHR is the state’s most comprehensive nonprofit behavioral healthcare provider. In addition, CHR was the first provider in CT to meet all the rigorous federal criteria as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic and has repeatedly been named among the Top Workplaces in the state. Learn more at

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