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CHR’s CEO and President, Heather M. Gates, lobbied lawmakers on Monday, June 14 to increase reimbursements for mental health and drug-addiction services.

“We have a crisis, and we thought we were close to a solution. But instead of passing a budget that increased funding for all nonprofits, as the Appropriations Committee had recommended, funding was directed instead to the providers who needed to settle strike actions,” said Heather Gates, chief executive of Community Health Resources. “Those organizations clearly deserve raises, no question about that. But so, too, do our staff. And so, too, do our clients deserve to receive treatment in a timely way.”

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Mental health has been front and center throughout the pandemic.

And with the demand for services increasing, nonprofits that treat people with mental health and addiction issues were hoping to see a funding increase in the state budget.

That didn’t happen.

“It is simply unacceptable to sacrifice treatment for those with mental health and substance use issues when the state has so many resources at its disposal,” Gates said.

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