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Real life is filled with challenges that aren’t easy to handle. If emotional or behavioral problems, substance abuse, or significant stress is part of a child’s life, CHR is ready to help. These services are designed to restore and maintain a healthy level of day-to-day functioning. CHR offers comprehensive psychiatric services and clinical intervention to children up to 18 years of age, as well as their families, facing acute and/or chronic behavioral health concerns.

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Child and Family Outpatient – English

Child and Family Outpatient – Spanish

East Hartford Outpatient Practice

Substance Screening, Treatment Recovery for Youth (SSTRY)
La drogadicción en los adolescentes (ACRA)


Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services (EMPS)

This program provides youth and families with immediate access to emergency mental health assessment and brief intervention, coordination with appropriate community resources and prevention of unnecessary hospital emergency department visits.

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