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Life can come with many challenges, whether it be stress from change, trauma, addiction, and other health-related issues. For over 60 years, the trusted health care professionals at CHR have provided Behavioral Health Services CT for several families and individuals. CHR offers a wide range of health services for patients of all ages, from trauma-based behavioral support for children to outpatient programs for adults. Our health care team works closely together with our patients in order to give them the care that they need.

We understand that a child’s behavior can sometimes be difficult to understand. Is it a phase or is there an underlying issue for their behavior? Our team specializes in Behavioral Health Services CT and will work with your child and family to get to the root of the problem. For every patient, we begin with an assessment, and from there, we can determine a specialized treatment plan. At CHR, we see positive developments and results in our patients every day. Children learn helpful problem-solving techniques in order to improve within the school and everyday life.

CHR’s mission is to help adults, children and families find Real Hope for the challenges of Real Life through an array of community- based mental health, substance use, child welfare, supportive housing, foster care, prevention and wellness services, and integrated care. Learn more at or call us, we’re here to help: 1.877.884.3571

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