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Don’t let the time change get you down. Get moving instead!
Join CHR’s virtual Fall in Love with Fitness Challenge, starting Monday, Nov. 15 and running through Nov. 28 to get you through the Thanksgiving celebration.
Like last spring’s popular Locomotion Challenge, the Fall in Love with Fitness Challenge includes 13.1 challenges to help you keep fitness front and center. It’s also a great way to start training for the CHR Steam Train Half Marathon next April!
To join the fun, follow these easy steps:
  • Registration is free through this link.
  • Donations of any amount to CHR can be made through this link.
  • Special Fitness Challenge swag is available for all participants! Contact Maureen McGuire at or Laurie Nobilski at to coordinate your pick-up or delivery.
  • Join the Fall in Love with Fitness Facebook page for daily reminders and inspiring messages at this link. You can also watch for daily updates on CHR’s Facebook page at this link.
Here’s a list of the fall challenges. Each activity is about 30 minutes:
1)Best Buddies: Join a friend for a run or walk of at least 30 minutes.
2) Early Bird: Go for a run or walk of at least 30 minutes first thing in the morning.
3) Counting Sheep: Set a sleep goal such as getting 8 hours of sleep or being in bed before 10 pm and hitting it at least 7 times.
4) Pumpkin Spice: Take a picture of the biggest pumpkin you can find while out on a 30 min run or walk. Post it in the Facebook Group for bragging rights! Can you find the biggest one?
5) Wild Card: Your Choice!!! Pick an activity that gets you moving and give it a go for at least 30 minutes. Go for a bike ride, do some yoga, dance, play basketball, whatever you like!!
6) StairMaster: Go for a run or walk of at least 30 minutes that utilize stairs! How many stairs can you climb?
7) Chef: Try a new, healthy meal to help fuel your fitness. Loved the recipe? Share it in the Facebook Group and help others find some great healthy meals!
8) Leaf Peeping: Go for a 30 min run or walk that has an amazing view.
9) Support Local: Walk to a local business like a coffee shop or locally-owned store and show some love!
10) Go Bump In The Night: Go for a run or walk of at least 30 minutes after sunset.
11) Turkey Trot: Go out for a 30-minute walk or run on Thanksgiving!!
12) Black Friday: Avoid the crowds!! Spend 30 minutes out in nature! Go for a hike or simply sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.
13) ‘Tis The Season: Take a picture of some holiday decorations on a run or walk that’s at least 30 minutes. Share the photo with the Facebook Group!
.1) Just a Little More: Post on the Facebook Page about the challenge. What was your favorite challenge? What proved to be the trickiest?
Thanks, and we hope this helps you keep fitness front and center this holiday season! Please stay tuned for more details about the half marathon this spring.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact us at