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A 24/7 Connection to Real Hope

Grant to CHR is Helping People in Recovery from Opioid Addictions

Thanks to a generous grant from the Connecticut Association of REALTORS Foundation (CTRF), CHR, the state’s most comprehensive nonprofit behavioral healthcare agency, is introducing a new digital platform to provide 24/7 coaching and support to individuals in recovery from opiate addictions.

“We are so grateful to CTRF for funding our proposal to launch Sober Grid, a new tool that complements CHR’s treatments for opiate addictions by giving individuals access to 24/7 recovery coaching and support,” said Coleen Dobo, Psy.D., Senior Vice President of Adult Services at CHR.

“While we always knew that Sober Grid was an innovative way to provide a needed service in Connecticut, the pandemic has underscored the need to help keep people connected during vulnerable and stressful times,” Dobo added.

Here’s how it works: Sober Grid is an IOS/Android networking app that easily and immediately connects people in recovery, no matter where they are, with vital resources. This can range from inspirational messages throughout the day and awards for achieving recovery-oriented activities, to providing 24/7, real-time access to trained Recovery Coaches who can provide immediate assistance and guidance in times of crisis.

Funding from CTRF will open this service to more than 250 individuals who are in life-saving treatment through CHR. The program is being implemented by CHR’s team of more than 30 Peer Support staff, all of whom have lived experience, under the director of CHR’s Coordinator of Recovery Support Services, Annette Diaz, MHFA, RSS, RC.

“Sober grid has allowed us to provide Real Hope that recovery is possible through this virtual platform,” Diaz said. “I have noticed that people in early recovery still are experiencing many negative emotions from active additions consequences. Sober Grid, however, has helped to create a safe community where our clients are able to share those emotions and get positive feedback, without feeling judged or embarrassed.”

Diaz shared an example of a CHR client who is connected to Sober Grid and reported that in her culture asking for help, or admitting there is a problem, is frowned upon. “By using the app, however, the client is free to be herself. She is proud of herself for taking steps to achieve a better life, and can express herself on Sober Grid without fear or disappointment of letting someone down,” Diaz added.

About CHR: Community Health Resources (CHR) is the state’s most comprehensive, nonprofit behavioral healthcare agency and the first agency in the state to meet all the rigorous federal criteria as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic. With locations throughout central and eastern Connecticut, CHR offers a range of programs and services for people of all ages whose lives have been touched by mental illness, addictions, trauma, homelessness and more. CHR is proud to offer services in-person and through telehealth. Learn more at



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