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Did you know that one in five Americans will struggle with mental health issues at least once during their lifetime? Having family and friends around as a support system can sometimes help, but there may come a time where professional help is needed. Our mission at CHR is to be there to help when mental illness becomes too much to handle, and we start listening to our clients. This is what sets us apart as a high-quality mental health clinic Connecticut.

When someone begins with us at CHR, we always start by listening to what they have to say. Every person has an individual and personal struggle, so by listening, we’re able to help define their unique needs, define recovery and begin setting goals. By setting up each client for success we’re able to boast an impressive track record that proves to newcomers that we care.

Whether it’s an emergency or a regularly scheduled visit, we provide support at all hours of the day, all year long. When you call us, qualified professionals are there on the phone, and will work through with you the available options and next steps for whatever your needs are. They’re also there to answer any questions or concerns you might have – just remember, there are no bad questions! As a mental health clinic Connecticut, we also have emergency mobile teams who can travel directly to someone in need in an emergency.

Our programs are here to help manage mental illness and empower those working to overcome them. If you have any questions about what we do or need someone to talk to about your mental health journey, call our Assessment Center at 1.877.884.3571. If you think you might need a mental health clinic Connecticut, we’re here to help!

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