No matter what you’re suffering from, recovery is never easy. That’s why we offer many different types of treatment, all of them customizable for each patient’s needs. While there are many programs available to choose from, they all fall under either in-patient or outpatient services. At CHR we offer both programs, but our 13 different locations around Connecticut make us a convenient and great outpatient center Connecticut

The programs can include things like therapy, group sessions, and counseling. Often they happen frequently at the beginning of treatment and then lessen as treatment continues if it is going well. 

The biggest reason people choose our outpatient services is that they get to keep on living at home which is beneficial to some for many reasons. For some, their family and friends act as a support system that they can come home to every day. Others may be taking care of children, working, or studying. 

It’s important to note that staying at home while seeking treatment is not the best solution for everyone. That’s why we offer inpatient and other services. If you’re not sure what kind of treatment is right for you or you want to try our outpatient services, don’t hesitate to call our Assessment Centre at 1-844-877-3571. There is a way to balance recovery and work/family life and we can help you achieve it. For more information on a CHR outpatient center Connecticut, visit our website

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