CHR Offers Comprehensive Integrated Care Through Two New Programs

August 31, 2015

Providing Complete Care

Complete care addresses both the physical and mental health needs of all patients.  That’s why CHR has been a leader in the quest to integrate medical and behavioral healthcare services.

Navigating today’s healthcare environment can be overwhelming, especially for people with emotional or mental health challenges. In fact, data shows that men and women with severe mental illnesses typically do not receive ongoing preventive care and have shorter life expectancies than the general population.

Through two new programs, CHR is helping clients get the behavioral, medical and dental care they need.

The Behavioral Health Home in Manchester provides comprehensive medical care management and wellness support activities for an identified group of individuals who are at high risk of health complications. CHR’s team includes nurses, hospital-transition coordinators, behavioral health specialists, a data analyst and more. Together, the team helps clients manage their unique health needs, helping to schedule appointments, coordinate transportation and/or accompany clients to appointments. In addition, the team offers a series of highly personalized groups focused on weight loss, nutrition, stress management, fitness and other wellness goals. The program is funded by generous support from Connecticut’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

The Center for Health and Wellness, also based in CHR’s Manchester office, offers primary care services for adults with serious mental illness as well as chronic physical illness. By bringing primary care to CHR’s office, many men and women are receiving care for the first time in years. Providers are working together to be sure patients receive coordinated, complete care.   Start-up funding comes from a federal grant and is being administered in partnership with First Choice Community Health Center.

CHR is also partnering with medical practices throughout the region to bring behavioral health services into primary care offices. We’ve recently launched services with Hartford Healthcare and are working with other providers to improve access to behavioral health services throughout the region.