Therapeutic Foster Care

CHR supports families fostering children with emotional or behavioral problems. We help families develop a specialized plan detailing short- and long-term goals for the foster child’s emotional, physical, development and educational needs. Click here  for more information or call 860.730.8727. 

The Need for THERAPEUTIC Foster Care

While most children can count on their family to provide a loving, safe and stable home, there are children in our communities – right now – that cannot. In Connecticut there are thousands of children who, having been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, are in need of foster homes where they can benefit from a nurturing therapeutic environment.

Therapeutic Foster Care Services

CHR’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program, addresses this need. We recruit, train, and provide support to families fostering children with emotional or behavioral problems.

CHR seeks therapeutic foster parents who understand the importance of healthy relationships at home, at school and in the community. By providing stability, trust and a sense of permanency, foster parents can help a child see the world in a more positive light and develop the skills necessary to become healthy and productive adults.

Foster families come in all shapes and sizes; they can be homeowners or renters, married or single, traditional or same gender families and families who are culturally diverse. To create a caring environment, foster parents must:

  • have the patience and capacity to love and care for a child
  • be warm and understanding with the flexibility to adapt to changing situations
  • work as part of a team, recognizing and meeting the child’s emotional, physical, developmental and educational needs
  • allocate a room and space for the child
  • retain adequate income
  • maintain good physical and emotional health

We Are In This Together

As a CHR therapeutic foster parent you will receive intensive and ongoing support to ensure you never face foster parenting alone or unprepared. We are ready to provide:

  • initial and on-going training
  • supportive staff available 24/7
  • comprehensive behavioral health services for the child and family
  • respite care
  • generous stipend to offset expenses related to child support

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a foster parent and/or are interested in learning more, we invite you to speak with one of CHR’s Therapeutic Foster Care Recruiters, please call  860.730.8727. 

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