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Stories of Hope 

The thought of being in a secure environment like this has been nothing but a blessing and has given me hope. I don’t have to remain homeless anymore with no purpose and no direction. I can stick my key in the door and say I’m home. I can put my bags down and unpack because I am going to be here for a while. The people I’ve met at CHR have been nothing but positive influences in my life.”
Steve, a CHR client and resident

This is a place that I can call my home. No more sleeping in abandoned buildings and dirty hallways. Here I have somebody believing in me, and thanks to CHR, I finally believe in myself.”
Iris, a CHR client and resident

I had been brought to my knees by my addiction. Through CHR I got the help I needed, and with lots of wonderful therapists, I began to find myself again, one day at a time. Thank you to all of my treatment providers, friends and family who have helped me throughout the years. I made it with a combination of medication, individual and group therapy (any and all that were available), and peer support groups in the community. They all helped me face my fears head on without any sort of anti-anxiety drugs. I wanted to feel every emotion, happy or sad, as it happened during this incredible rebirth of my soul.”
Bill, a CHR client

“...I reached my 41st birthday when I was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia. Because I was so sick, I harbored this secret fear that I’d never work again, never financially support myself again, and  never regain my place in society. What broke me out of my paranoia? TRUST…first with The Institute of Living, and then with CHR. After coming into CHR’s care, I was placed in CHR Northfield, a group home for the mentally disabled where I lived with seven others, plus staff, who all helped shape my recovery. Today, I am living on my own, I serve on the Enfield Historical Society’s Board of Directors, volunteer at the Food Shelf and serve as a lectern and usher for my church. I’ve come a long way and am proud to say that I am back. Thank you CHR.”
Cathy, a CHR client and resident

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